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Norm Breyfogle: 1960 - 2018

It was Monday 24 September when news started to trickle through comics fandom, that one of its brightest and best had passed this mortal plane. Norm Breyfogle had died at the tragically young age of 58.  

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If you grew up reading comics in the 1980’s, then Norm Breyfogle was Batman. His art style perfectly captured the mystery and suspense of the Dark Knight, whilst giving life to his flowing cape and to Gotham City itself. 

Batman 465

His now legendary run on the character spanned 6 years across Detective Comics, Batman and Batman: Shadow Of The Bat as well as numerous one shots. Breyfogle, along with long time Batman collaborator Alan Grant, oversaw many key landmarks in the history of the Batman mythos. New characters like the Ventriloquist, the Ratcatcher, Jeremiah Arkham and Mr Zsasz were introduced which added to the Caped Crusaders rich history. None more so, than the introduction of Timothy Drake, the new boy wonder. The now iconic cover to Batman #465 dispays perfectly Breyfogle's wonderful ability to capture the essence of the Dynamic Duo.













prime 04bBreyfogle was by no means a one trick pony. After leaving the Batman titles, he was most notably one of the driving forces behind Malibu Comics’ Ultraverse imprint. 

















But his enduring legacy is the indelible mark he left on arguably the greatest comic book character ever. Breyfogle was one of those timeless artists whose renditions of the Dark Knight Detective would not look out of place in the 21st century. Sadly, a debilitating stroke in December 2014 caused paralysis in the left side of Breyfogle’s body. He was left handed.

DC released a collected edition of Legends of The Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle in early 2015 with volume 2 set for a November release date of this year, sporting a classic Breyfogle cover that is remarkable in it’s poignancy so soon after the artists death. 

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