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Hot on the heels of the Marvel Studios box office hit Thor Ragnarok, resident teen blogger IzzyLFC gives Geek Genie his low down on DC's Justice League movie.


Some of comicdom's greatest characters must unite to save the world from an alien threat. After mixed feelings with DC's fledgling extended universe, fans flock to the box office to watch DC's biggest movie to date. Finally, the Justice League is here!



Batman and Wonder Woman are uniting a team of extraordinary characters with enhanced abilities to stop an invasion of Parademons lead by Steppenwolf. The Justice League have to stop the enemy from collecting limitless power sources called Mother boxes. Can they succeed in saving the world once more?


  • Exciting easter eggs
  • Good costumes and effects
  • Action scenes were amazing


  • No detail on character backgrounds
  • Small scale battle compared to movies such as The Avengers
  • Steppenwolf seemed like a small-scale villain. Could have used Darkseid, Brainiac or Mongul


My review & rating

Justice League was a good movie without doubt. Just to watch these iconic DC characters finally on the big screen is something to celebrate. Inevitably, the comparisons start and end with the MCU. With Marvel setting the bar so high, DC still has some catching up to do. But they are making steps in the right direction! Justice League had good action scenes, costumes and easter eggs that made references back to the comics.

7/10 - "A fun and action packed film for both movie and comic book fans" - IzzyL

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Sunday, 08 December 2019
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